SHADE Summer Institute Interns 2015

My name is Woody Simpson and I was born and raised in Honolulu. I received my Bachelors of Environmental Studies with a focus in Environmental Planning and Policy from the University of Colorado and I am currently pursing my Doctor of Architecture at the University of Hawaii. My career goal is to become an architect and help Hawaii achieve its goal of self-sustainability through environmental design. I enjoy working on aquaponics, participating in beach clean-ups, and surfing with family and friends.

Benjamin Aiken, from New Jersey, is a fourth year Architecture Student at Washington University in St. Louis.  In addition to architecture Ben is receiving minors in Environmental Engineering and Education.  He hopes to practice environmentally intelligent urban architecture.  His passions span teaching in inner city schools in St. Louis to participating in triathlons.  Ben spent the spring semester of 2015 in Florence designing a school.  Last summer he biked alone across the US from St. Louis to New Jersey.

Erin Chow was born and raised in Oahu. She is currently a twenty-three year old art student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, who will be graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Art this Summer. She was accepted into the Doctor of Architecture program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, which she will be entering this Fall 2015. Ultimately, she seeks to apply the artistic process to the functional requirements of architecture in order to better society.

Jiaan Sun comes from Shanghai, China. She attended Shanghai University, where she received her B.A. in Architecture and Film in 2013. Jiaan took a summer semester to work and study in Connecticut in 2012. Jiaan is currently in a landscape architecture program at Washington University in St. Louis. She will receive her M.L.A. degree in 2016 May. Jiaan dedicates to show her value that she could bring as an employee to the company she is working for.

A local resident of Oahu, Justin Wong is a 4th year Architecture student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. At the urban scale, public interest, environmental, and sustainable design are fields of interest that he would like to explore and understand. Justins career goal is to eventually develop urban scale projects that improve the quality of life in Oahu, but is still affordable, efficient and available for everyone to enjoy. 

My name is Kelli Kimura and I am from Aiea, Hawai'i. I am a third year architecture student at the University of Oregon pursuing a five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree. Something I am interested in is the idea of creating sustainable communities that both support the needs of users and also incorporate strategies that minimize a building’s impact on the environment. One day I hope to become an architect and apply these kinds of strategies/ideas in future design work.

Aydee Zielke recently earned her Master’s of Urban & Regional Planning from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Prior to grad school she earned a BS in Environmental Science and held several environmental planning/scientist professional positions. Aydee has been lucky to call Honolulu her home for the last 6 years, and she is originally from California. Her career goals include working with a consulting firm or agency that aligns with her sustainable development and conversation planning values

My name is Lulu Feng. I came from Hainan, an island located in southern China. I recently graduated from DURP with Master Degree in Urban & Regional Planning. I attended college at Beijing Forestry University with Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture. I also worked as an Assistant landscape designer in Hangzhou, China. I enjoy utilize tools to analyze and visualize solutions to planning problems. I am interested in physical planning and would like to do this here in Hawaii.

Natalie Hanson, MURP student at the University of Hawaii, developed a strong interest in green infrastructure and community building while working in green building certifications and building design projects in Shanghai.  An undergraduate degree in Asian Studies and six years in China fostered a deep sense of love and respect for Chinese cultural heritage, and its history of immigration and influence in the US.  Natalie hails from South Dakota, and earned her undergraduate degree at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. 

Omar Mirza graduated from Honolulu Community College. I received an Associates of Science degree in Architecture, Engineering, and Computer Aided Design (A.E.C.) in May 2010 and then transferred to UH Manoa in the fall of 2014. I was accepted to study in the DArch program and currently am a freshman in the college of architecture. I have been professionally working in the field of design since 2008.


Raised in Chengdu, China, Yuelin Yu graduated from South China University of Technology, majored in landscape architecture. After a one year internship, she started her master of architecture degree in Washington university of St. Louis in Missouri. She worked as an intern in various architecture offices such as Axi:ome in St. Louis. She plans to join an architecture firm after she graduates from Washington University in St. Louis.

Teresa Gabaylo is a fourth year student attending University of Hawaii at Manoa for Environmental Design in the school of Architecture. It is her ambition to become a landscape designer for the State of Hawaii. Growing up in Ewa Beach, she grew up with the values and cultural awareness necessary to understand Hawaii’s diverse population. During her years as a tutor teaching AutoCAD and Revit in a public high school, she implemented her learning and studies in the architect school to teach students how to design with versatility. Through this internship she would like to gain insight on how an architecture career is like in the real world.