River Walk Revitalization Petition

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The SHADE Urban Acupuncture Project envisions Chinatown as a diverse, multi-generational destination for both local residents and tourists. We can celebrate Chinatown’s rich heritage through the sustainable design of this community – its right-of-ways, historic facades, public spaces, amenities, and interpretive elements. We can strengthen Chinatown’s economic productivity by enhancing its physical connections to its adjacent districts and water frontage through intentionally designed pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular, and rail transit infrastructure.

Of the 12 project concepts proposed by the Chinatown Urban Acupuncture Project, we are requesting funding that was appropriated in 2016 (Ordinance 16-15, FY 2017) for the River Walk Market Project to design/build two modular market kiosks by using the existing trellis columns along College Walk and River Street.

The adaptive re-use of the former trellis structures would allow for business creation and expansion. Kiosk businesses should complement nearby businesses. New vendors could potentially include a newsstand, café, ice cream/shave ice, crack seed, or police outpost. Energy demands could be provided by roof top solar panels, a new grid connection, or both.

Currently, Riverwalk lacks the amenities necessary to make River Street a potential destination spot. By adding these inexpensive structures along River Walk, they will address issues of congestion, deteriorating infrastructure, sense of security, and environmental health in order to assist Chinatown to be a safer and healthier sustainable neighborhood. But in order to make River Walk a destination spot, the funding for the kiosk structures is vital which is why we need your support.

Petition will be forwarded to Councilmember Carol Fukunaga for her use.


If you would to help turn this market kiosk proof of concept into a reality, please e-mail us at shade.institute.hi@gmail.com stating "I support this petition" and we will add your name to our petition.