Recap of the River Walk Community Design Workshop 2.1

neighborhood boundary activity.jpeg

On June 14th, SHADE Institute organized its second community design workshop, CDW 2.1, on the River Walk to gather community input for establishing the geographic limits of a Special Improvement District (SID) for that neighborhood. The event aimed to inform the attendees about the past initiatives of the neighborhood, such as the Chinatown Urban Acupuncture Project (CUAP), 2015; River Walk CDW 1.0, Nov. 2017; and Key Stakeholder Meetings 1.0 and 2.0, May 2018, engaging the community through a Neighborhood Boundary Activity; and to present potential design visions of the River Walk by showing precedents of other places from around the globe.


activity group 1.jpeg

Amongst the 30 workshop participants were the Honorary Mayor Joseph Young,  Marry Huynh, representing the elected Council Member Carol Fukunaga (City & Council District 6), Rod Harega from the board of Izumo Taisha, Merle Chong from Kuan Yin Temple, Vina Quick from Chinatown Cultural Plaza, Harrison Rue from TOD/DPP, representatives from HawaiiUSA FCU (bank located along the River Walk) attended. Amongst other attendees were the residents in the neighborhood of River Walk, owners of restaurants and businesses in the River Walk, as well as representatives from Downtown Chinatown Citizens Patrol. 

analytical maps and kyler.jpeg

The SHADE summer fellows prepared for the workshop, producing analytical maps (shown above) of the River Walk area, creating and facilitating the neighborhood boundary activity, and researching SIDs throughout Honolulu. Following this workshop, the fellows will consolidate all the data collected to refine and propose a SID boundary and urban design interventions for the next CDW in July.