HURRIPLAN July 21 - July 22

Thank you to Dennis Hwang and Dean Sakamoto leading the July 21-22 HURRIPLAN Resilient Building Design for Coastal Communities course. 

HURRIPLAN is a two-day performance-level course that provides professionals with the training necessary to integrate resilient community planning and building design strategies with civic commercial projects located in hurricane-prone areas.  In addition to discussing existing regulations, this course featured best practices that may increase community shelter capacity while addressing design concerns such as sustainability, accessibility, architectural aesthetics, and regional culture.

SHADE interns, architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, planners, and others participated in this course, which not only brought variety to the discussion, but also different opinions and ideas as well.  

Special thanks to the Lyon Associates, NDPTC and Waipahu High School.

SHADE Weekly Newsletter July 11- July 15

This week was extremely busy for the SHADE Interns and partners.  This was the final week to sort through, edit and change any project areas for the Waipahu Community Meeting on Wednesday, July 13.

On Monday, Jason Demarco, from Ferraro Choi, stopped by to share to the interns the Legible City.  This presentation focused on the work of Kevin Lynch and how we can "read" cities.  He shared his ideas and interpretations on the different Districts, Nodes, Landmarks, Paths and Edges of a city and how the interns can identify them when further researching Waipahu.

Wednesday was the big night, as it was the Waipahu Community Meeting hosted by the City and County of Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting Transit-Oriented Development.  Leading the discussion was Andrew Tang, where he presented some of the intern project ideas moving forward into the Waipahu Action Plan.  During this time, community members and stakeholders were able to give their feedback towards the project, as well as help the DPP and PBR Hawaii move forward.

SHADE Weekly Newsletter June 27-July 1

This week, the interns were treated to two Brown Bag lectures: Liz Krueger and the TOD Roundtable event.

Monday, June 27, Liz Krueger came in to join the team to discuss and talk about the City and County of Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting.  More specifically, the interns learned how zoning and land-use is applied when working on urban design and architectural projects, such as the Waipahu TOD Action Plan.  With her, she brought the LUO (Land-Use Ordinance) which clearly defines and labels important zones and regulations within the City and County of Honolulu.

Wednesday, June 29, SHADE Institute hosted the TOD Roundtable discussion at the AIA Honolulu Conference Center.  This discussion was comprised of a panel of speakers including:

Harrison Rue, City & County of Honolulu, DPP TOD Administrator

Aki Marceau, AICP, HART, Land Use and Sustainability Planner

Deepak Neupane, AIA, HCDA, Director of Planning and Development

Rodney Funakoshi, AICP, State Office of Planning, Planning and Program Administrator.

and moderated by our own Dean Sakamoto of SHADE Institute.

This seminar made sure to identify and clarify any misunderstandings about the TOD and the rail project areas.